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We are passionate about digital solutions for the mobile world!

We do what we love

We have become experts in native solutions to Mobile, SmartTV and Web. We are addicted to apps, mobile and web and passionate about the creation of solutions to a digital world connected 24 hours a day.

Quality over quantity

With devoted attention to UI an UX we seek to create the most elegant and intuitive interfaces with a unique user experience.


We stand against a strict corporative structure but we have a strong commitment with efficiency.
We choose the best methods and practices to develop native solutions with great agility.

A talented team

We are a young but experienced and fun team of innovators, strategists and developers with a refined music taste.

Our clients

We create mobile and digital solutions to the major national and international brands and we also supply the biggest advertising agencies in Portugal.



We create digital solutions with a single purpose, to find the perfect UI with a high-level user experience.

What we do




Mobile applications with machine code to iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.




Websites in html5/CSS3 with CMS and responsive design with adaptations to mobile platforms.




applications to last generation SmartTV with the possibility connecting with Smartphone.




Fluid and elegant interface design to mobile applications, TV applications and websites.

Our talent

Lies in the most varied areas.

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Windows Phone

  • Blackberry

  • Smart TV

  • Georeference

  • Augmented Reality

  • CMS (Content Management System)

  • HTML5 and CSS3

  • UI/UX

  • Responsive Design

  • Wireframes and Prototypes

  • Social Media and Facebook API’s

  • 3D and Motion Design

Museu CR7






We Boat




Casal Garcia


Site PCT da Mobilidade


Santa Casa



X-Factor is a major worldwide TV music competition.
We’ve created an app that allows fans to have an engaging and extended experience, adding value to the show. Fans can watch X-Factor best moments, view the live broadcast, access to exclusive content like backstage scenes, bootcamp, auditions and share comments with other fans. One of the main features is the possibility to interact, through the cable box and during live broadcast, by sending kisses, stars or conffetis to the competition participants.


Site Fita Azul

Fita Azul is an historical brand of sparkling wine. To update the image and show that the brand remains updated and young, we’ve developed a new entire website in html5. Helping the identity and history of the brand, we have created a clean but at the same time glamorous site, which communicate perfectly the brand image.


Meo Marés Vivas App

MARÉS VIVAS, this year with the naming MEO, is the biggest music festival on the north of the country. We have developed an app for the fans with a strong social component which allows users to know everything that will happen during the festival. Among its main functions we highlight the Line-Up (Cartaz), Instameo with connection to Instagram, the Map of the grounds and accessibilities and even a compass always pointing towards the location of the festival.


Meo Out Jazz App

MEO Out Jazz, the festival of the evenings in Lisbon, takes place every Friday and Sunday in various gardens during a period of four months. To help people to know what artists are performing on each day we have developed the official app of the event. Between its functionalities we highlight the line-up, the map of the gardens and accessibilities and also Instameo, with Instagram connection.



Torrié App

Torrié is one of the main players in the Portuguese coffee market. Driven by innovation, which is the brand strategy, we developed a mobile application to give the consumers an interesting and intuitive experience. The app has some interesting functions as the History of the brand Café Torrié, recipes made out of coffee, a connection to the brand Pinterest and even the “locating” function that allows users to find well-being centers, green spaces and health clubs through Georeference.



Innovation and dynamism were the main keywords for the development of the Sudoeste TMN Festival application. With this app one can access the 3D venue map, listen to SW TMN radio station, create alerts, take photos with personalised frames and check-ins in the venue. Through Augmented Reality its possible to localize friends by radar and to mark the tent and car through GPS coordinates. In addition to all this, it has a “breathalyser” to calculate the amount of alcohol in the blood, hot girls and boys locator and a “lighter” with various animations!









Sapómetro App

To the SAPO 2012 Awards ceremony we developed an application with the objective of strengthening the experience of the guests. Inspired by the concept of the event “O grande assalto” (The big heist), Sapómetro was essential for the thieves to do their job. One of the app´s main features was the location of the event which was kept as a secret until a few hours before the opening. The app also included augmented reality to the interpretation of clues in the proximity of the place of the event and also the participation in a competition. Sapómetro was blocked to strangers since it required an access code given only to the guests in their invitation to the ceremony. This code gave access to every feature and also to the video with the instructions to the “heist”.






S Posters

After detecting a gap in the market, we developed software for Service Pack touch displays, to be used in congresses and conferences. S Posters allow speakers and exhibitors to make their scientific papers, studies and other contents available in an interesting way. For the lecturers it becomes a more interesting and evolving experience, making the process of reading, researching and document selecting easier.





OPAL is one of the leading advertising agencies in Portugal. In order to have a dynamic solution for presenting the company and its portfolio, we created a new application for web and iPad. With an intuitive and elegant user interface, the presentation was developed using 3D elements, with the aim of creating a richer and more dynamic experience. The portfolio can be easily managed and updated through a dynamic backoffice.



You can now manage your scientific congress posters through a content manager available online, in a very simple and dynamic way.
Every congressperson can automatically and afar upload their posters and corresponding information.
With iPoster all the Posters sent can be seen, during the congress, in displays or in the iPads, assuring the attention of the audience.


TMN Vamos lá App

It was with great satisfaction and pride that we made part of the latest TMN signature release, through the creation of the iPhone and Android application “TMN, Vamos Lá”. With this app, and through the Augmented Reality, users can access interactive and exclusive contents, with the goal of spreading the message of the new signature in a dynamic way, and become the first tool of contact between TMN clients and this kind of technology. Users just need to press the button “Clips” and point the smartphone camera to the faces of the new campaign to watch pictures and videos of the statements of people that believed and made the difference.

- Through Augmented Reality, you can see the statements of people that made the difference.
- Read our manifest
- Watch the Spot TMN Vamos Lá
- Get to know the line-up of the campaign





Sea Life App

During the 2010 World Cup, the octopus Paul predicted the results of the matches between the different teams. In Sea Life Porto we can find Paulo, Paul´s cousin that inherited the exact same ability! For the 2012 European Championship, we created an interactive application for entertaining purposes, which allowed users to know Paulo´s predictions for the games between Portugal and its opponents, and to get to know better the amazing Oporto´s Oceanarium.




Meo Code App

In 2013, MEO changed its market positioning, releasing an original set of services and making a total rebranding, creating a complete rupture with its previous identity. We developed the app MEO CODE with the main goal of becoming a tool with which, through image recognition, users could decode “meoglifos” (combination of MEO and hieroglyphics), the new language crated by the brand. Besides decoding the characters, the app presents the new MEO alphabet and explains the concept and interaction through the augmented reality, which allows, for instance, to access the campaign movie or to enter a competition.
Creativity developed in partnership with MSTF Partners.




Site Torrié

As one of the main coffee brands in the market, Torrié felt the necessity to have a stronger online position, adapted to the modern world. We designed the most complete website of coffee in Portugal, with several information related with the brand and the world of coffee. The user interface has an elegant and clean design, which allows an intuitive and quick navigation. In order to give the client more autonomy, all the website fields are dynamic. With so many virtues, it is easy to understand why it was awarded an honourable mention by AWWWARDS.


Site Gatão

Green Wines Gatão, property of Vinhos Borges (Borges’ Wines), is one of the most renowned brands in Portugal. With more than 75 years of history, it is present in more than 50 countries. It was a big challenge for us to develop a website that would respect the brand´s history.
To the design and the project implementation, we considered the brand´s identity, the freshness, joviality, the fruity flavor of the wine and the sharing moments with family and friends.
In order to create a dynamic and innovative website, we used the effect parallax that adds movement and animation to the webpage.
These were some of the challenges that we faced and overcame and we loved it, and the best of all is that now we can relax and enjoy a nice glass of Gatão green wine, with a sense of accomplishment! Cheers!


Site Normanvi

Normanvi is a company with more than 40 years of history, working on the channel Horeca.
We created its new website with the aim of making available a complete list of its products and services of technical assistance, all through an intuitive interface.
To make it even easier to browse, there is a website map available and also a search box to easily find a product.


Gatão, a World citizen

In order to strengthen the presence of Gatão Green Wines in the social networks, the group JMV challenged us to develop the competition “Gatão, a World citizen”. During six months, the brand´s fans were invited to show what Gatão meant to them, and the reward was a seven day trip to Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, for two.
For this activity, we developed all the communication resources, as the Facebook application and the new website of the brand, in parallax.








VDS Facebook

VDS – Vinhos do Douro Superior is one of the most renowned and innovative brands of Douro wines.
For this reason, the company decided to strengthen its relationship with virtual communities through a specific application for Facebook.
With this app you can see pictures and relevant information about the vineyards, the region, the prizes the brand was awarded and, obviously, to get to know more about each one of the wines that make part of VDS portfolio. The community has been giving an excellent feedback.







Alfândega Congress Centre

For the Congress Centre of Oporto’s Alfândega, we created and implemented a website and an application for iPad to make available some information related to the place.
Both of them allow the clients and visitors to understand what the Congress Centre is, through a photo gallery, information about the rooms, the capacity of the building and all the events that are planned to happen there.



The company PT asked us to create an application for a permanent exhibition in the Portuguese Telecommunications Foundation. The challenge was to emphasize the evolution of 3G to 4G broadband technology, and at the same time to highlight the differences and advantages of the new 4G network of PT.
Responding to this challenge, we created an app with augmented reality, with the goal of involving the user, offering a unique and interactive experience. The application was developed to the new Samsung LTE´s, which are made available on a table with several equipment for a demonstration. The exhibition is present on the Portuguese Telecommunications Foundation, in Lisbon.

- Point to the map and through the augmented reality find the power of 4G.
- Mobile internet was never so fast.




Barbot Find your color

The application “Find Your Color” was created and developed to make the online store opening more dynamic
Barbot, a Barbot Change. By introducing his name, the user is given a color of the Barbot Change catalogue and a set of colors which are compatible with that.


App Pushk

Pushk is a service of sending push messages thought to give the apps managers the perfect tool to manage sending notifications to his apps on a simple, quick and efficient manner.
With Pushk, you can finally manage sending messages to your apps in a simple, quick and efficient way.
Write the message, select the app and schedule or send the notification on real time, anywhere at any time.


App Meo Spot

With MEO Spot you can follow and know everything that is going on the MEO Spot parties in Quinta do Lago and Portimão.
Creating an elegant and functional interface was the main objective of the creative team, finding inspiration on flat design.
Natively implemented for Android and iOS, they achieved a robust, quick and fluid navigation, offering a high-standard using experience.
Among the main functionalities, the highlight goes to the Line Up, Playlist, Instameo with connection to Instagram, MeuCarro and MEO VJ. The last one is an integration with the clubs light system, allowing to create a game of lights based on smartphones, in which each one of these becomes a spotlight.



A selection of some projects we have developed with our Clients.


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